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Alcatel Digital IP Touch Handset 4068


Alcatel IP Touch 4068 - A full-colour 1/4 VGA screen is capable of displaying 4096 colours and offers support for Bluetooth wireless technology. This phone enables users the freedom to move the cordless handset within about 10m of the phone set, to connect a Bluetooth headset or to wirelessly connect to a Bluetooth-ready conference speakerphone.

Features of the Alcatel IP Touch 4068

  • Adjustable graphic display 240 x 320 pixels (ΒΌ VGA)
  • 73,5 X 55,6 mm / 4096 colours
  • Alphabetic keyboard
  • Audio extension connection
  • Programmable Feature Buttons
  • Dial by name
  • Text messaging
  • Half/ Full Duplex connection (10BT/ 100BT)
  • VoIP H323 voice compliance, RTP RTCP
  • Voice Compression
  • Full Duplex Hands-free
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection (LAN & PC)
  • Bluetooth 1.1 connectivity


The new Alcatel IP Touch will provide advanced telephony features, integrated Web services, access to unified communications tools and increased mobility. Alcatel is the first on the market to provide a Bluetooth-ready desktop application phone, providing workers with greater freedom of movement.

Alcatel's new IP Touch application phones are intended as a complement to its existing line of IP phones and are targeted for the high-end of the market. Designed to work in conjunction with the company's IP communication servers, Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise, Alcatel OmniPCX Office and Alcatel OmniTouch Unified Communication suite of applications, the IP Touch phones deliver a new level of advanced telephony features with Hifi sound quality.

The new Alcatel IP Touch application phones are a worldwide first in combining both a graphical display and a built-in alpha keyboard, allowing Web content and text messages to be easily accessed and viewed from any location within the enterprise. They can be used to provide users with detailed caller ID information and to allow access to enterprise directory data. They also allow users to better manage voicemail using a display-based interface instead of traditional voice prompts. In addition, Alcatel's unique and innovative approach of connecting the phone handset via Bluetooth eliminates the need for a cord between the handset and the phone, providing workers with greater freedom of movement around their office.

With support for the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) industry-standard data exchange format, and when coupled with an XML-based Web services engine, the IP Touch phones are flexible and open to custom application development for unique business needs. The phones also support popular e-mail technologies such as IMAP, SMTP, IBM Domino and Microsoft.

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  • Model: 4068
  • Manufactured by: Alcatel_Lucent